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Earthworks Monday 15th of July 2024

Earthworks are an often undervalued part of an engineering scheme. Earthworks are key to a project being completed on time and often the cause of significant costs overruns.

The design of earthworks, although often seen as simple, requires a thorough understanding of basic soil behaviour and an appreciation of site construction techniques. Dig-Geotech Ltd has significant experience in the design and supervision of large-scale earthworks and also has expertise related to the use of lime & cement technologies to modify and strengthen soils. The use of lime, cement or other binders to modify an earthwork material can lead to considerable time and materials costs savings. Additionally the use of binders may save large volumes of material from having to be disposed of off site.

Dig-Geotech can advise clients and contractors on the most appropriate use of any soil they have at a site. Earthworks should not be considered in isolation. Slope stability, contamination, future loading from structures etc all impact on earthworks design. It is therefore important to have earthworks designs reviewed by an engineer with the broad range of geotechnical expertise that Dig-Geotech can offer.








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